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NXG2 Wheels

The NXG2 beadlocked wheels by OMF Performance took the principles of the NXG1 wheels to the next level.  The NXG2 still utilizes a spun aluminum barrel to keep unsprung weight down, our heavy duty reinforcing ring on the back side of the wheel to help prevent damage, and a beadlock on the front side of the wheel to lock the tire on. 

But the NXG2 also features a bolt in Billet Center made from 1/2" thick 6061-T6 aluminum to handle the stresses that a high performance UTV can exert.  Plus a wider range of sizes allow you more fitment options.

The wheel features a black powder coated finish, a natural aluminum beadlock ring and billet center, and black hardware to round out the package. These wheels are available in 14x6, 14x7, 14x8, 14x9, 14x10, 14x11, 15x6, and 15x8 sizes with bolt patterns to fit the all of the popular UTV’s.